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Interested in hiring me to edit your work? See what some of my recent clients have to say about me: 


"Kevin is an amazing editor and proofreader. Kevin was my preferred editor when I handled books for Cambridge University Press. Theirs was probably one of the most stringent quality check of copyediting and Kevin never had to edit a manuscript twice. That in itself is a big compliment. If you ever need a helping hand to make your content better, look no further than him." —Britto Fleming Joe Ambrose, project manager

"Impressive! Kevin was enthusiastic and a great guide for this new author. He proofread my epic fantasy, Blood & Soul, in the estimated time and cost. It's vital for a self-published author to have a top notch manuscript as we are judged harshly for typos. My book broke into the Best Seller category. But what counts now is the quality of the inner parts and Kevin's work is crucial in that respect. I'm confident it has been achieved."
—Allen Bagby, author of Blood and Soul: Creed of Kings Saga

“Kevin was great to work with as a copy-editor for my book: Best Apps for Academics. He was very detail-oriented, flexible, on-time, and a pleasure to work with. I appreciated his developmental editing as well as copy-editing. He brought his background in academia to my project in a way that was extremely helpful. Our project was done via Skype, so I've never met him in person, but he was great to work with at a distance. If you need a copy-editor, I highly recommend him.”
—Nicole Hennig, co-author of Best Apps for Academics: A Guide to the Best Apps for Education & Research

“Kevin’s edits of Flair were phenomenal. There were several parts in my story that had given me trouble, and with his suggestions, I was able to revise them in a way that made them much clearer than they had been. He read carefully and often asked questions that got me thinking about what I needed to change in order to keep the story moving in the direction that I had in mind. I would recommend Kevin to anyone who is serious about having their writing professionally edited. He went above and beyond my hopes for an editor and I will hire him again.”
—Jessica Platt, author of Flair

“Kevin possesses superior skills at copy-editing, proofreading, and formatting academic journal articles and books, and works extremely well under his own supervision with very little over-management. He is conscientious, detail-oriented, super-professional, and presents consummately polished work.”
—Eileen Joy, Director at punctum books

“Kevin went above and beyond and displayed impressive commitment to our project even with his extremely busy and demanding schedule competing for his time. It's truly refreshing to work with someone that gives back to the community in such a generous way. I am very pleased with Kevin's follow-up and prompt attention to inquiries regarding our on-going project!”
—LuAnn Locke, Owner of Afterwords Books in Edwardsville, IL


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